FieldTech - Solutions in the field

FieldTec in the field screen shot

All your work in the one place, easy to see, easy to access. Information at your fingertips 

When you’re working remotely it’s difficult to get the information you need. Field crews can consume valuable time and resources chasing the right information so that they can get the job done. The workflow and management processes within FieldTec ensure that the right information is collected as the job is being processed.

The Field module enables your field crew to have all of their important job information in one spot, no more missed phone calls, no more trying to understand what the person on the other end is saying while standing beside a demolition saw. The job information is on the screen – address, job type, priority. The Field module will prevent your field crew from missing important KPI’s by showing how long they’ve got to respond to the job.

As they update the job status, the information is synchronized with the office heading off interruptions to the job - No more calls to find out when the job will be finished.

Your field staff will be safer too – they can access their Job Safety Analysis forms and set their status as ‘Lone Worker’, ‘Confined Space Entry’ and ‘Journey Management’ which automatically sets up alarms and notifications if their nominated time in status is exceeded. There is no excuse to not doing your best to ensure your staff don’t get home safely tonight, with FieldTec OH&S.

Because your field workers are often away from the vehicle, the Field module is configured to send them an SMS and/or Email when a new job or escalation occurs. The SMS can be set based on the importance of the job so that your workers know which ones need immediate attention.

As the requirement to record more information about a job rises, the frustration with overly complex forms and difficulty in keeping track of paper rises as well. FieldTec  forms record information using simple input fields such as drop down lists with pre-populated options and checkbox type questions. Your field staff are only presented with valid options to choose from, and what’s better is that the responses are ‘standardised’ making for easy analysis. This approach is used throughout the module so that options are limited to only those options that are relevant to the task at hand are presented.

The recording of materials and equipment against the repair or maintenance activity as the product is used eliminates the need to make notes and record at a later stage. Additionally the stock levels are always current - field crews will save time finding the right materials for the job. Not only can the consumption of materials and equipment be recorded, but also if the stock is ‘moved’ from one place to another.

Onboard mapping displaying the field crew and job location enables the field crew to attend to the work closest to their location meaning more jobs completed in a day.

Timesheets, traditionally filled in at the end of the day, or maybe the next day, or the end of the week, timesheets have usually been far from accurate. The Field module gives your field crew the opportunity to record the time spent on the job as it happens.  And recording them is simple. All the crew have to do is select the job they are working on and press start. When they finish they press end. Not much more to it really.

The field module is able to be interfaced to external systems such as GIS giving your field crews access to critical asset location and identification information, as well as other information contained in the external system (eg. Property information)

Create and assign jobs to other field crews and/or contractors while maintaining control of the overall job - Complex jobs often require multiple skill sets which may or may not be on site together. The ability to create sub tasks and assign them to others means that multiple crews can be working on the same job at the same or different times, performing different tasks. With the Field module recording who did what and when, the field crew are always in control of the overall job.